Retail & Office Insurance


Boutiques, offices buildings, retails outlets – these are not the sort of places you’d associate with doom and disaster, which can be just the problem.

You might become comfortable with a policy that’s cheap and cheerful but potentially missing out vital, but not obvious, elements of cover which you might not be aware of or consider important. You will soon realise their importance when a problem occurs, and this cost effective policy doesn’t cover it.

This includes employee theft in a shop, public liability in an office if one of your visitors has a tumble, or business interruption if there’s been a burst pipe in the retail unit next door.

We don’t want to scare you into buying insurance extras, we just want to make sure that, as a retail business or office-based organisation, you have all the cover you need. After all, your protection is what we’re in the insurance business for at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers.

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