High Risk Trades Insurance


If you’re willing to step out into a career that is conventionally considered “high risk” then it doesn’t seem fair that you should be penalised with difficult to grasp, high cost insurance. With Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers on the case, you won’t be.

While slotting comfortably into the construction category in terms of industry sector, roofers, scaffolders and demolition services will often find there is a big difference in their specific role when it comes to insurance.

Along with those who handle hazardous waste and renewable energy manufacturers, they can benefit from those insurers who trust that they know what they’re doing and do everything they can to minimise the risk to themselves and others. We know just where to find these insurers at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers, which means that you don’t have to give up on good protection or the hope of finding a premium that’s affordable.

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