Building & Tradesman Insurance


As a construction company or allied tradesman, you’ll know exactly where to start with a project and how to proceed, but can the same be said for your insurance protection? There’s a lot to think about, and if not reviewed carefully, you could end up missing something off.

Some things will be more important than others, depending on what you do. The team at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers can organise a package that could include personal accident, employers’ and public liability, tools and material cover, contractors all risks, van insurance, while considering anything else that will come in handy for protecting you in your work.

Say you’re fitting out a shop and fall through a wall, injuring yourself in the process, while someone breaks into your van outside and steals your tools. While this would be incredibly unlucky, the one compensation for such a bad day is that each of these mishaps could be covered with the right insurance.


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