High Net Worth, Motor & Travel Insurance


“I’ll take care of it” is one of those phrases that’s not often heard, but is music to our ears. The protection of your home, travels and vehicles? We’ll aim to take care of them all at Rollinson Smith.

High net worth insurance is for you if your property and possessions are higher in value, or you have certain prized possessions that need extra attention. Similarly, high net worth motor insurance can cover not just one vehicle, but a number of cars old and new based at the same address.

When taking a trip or long holiday abroad, you’ll know that these are still covered while you’re not there, and that you, your family and your personal possessions are protected while you’re enjoying your time away with travel insurance.

Our team at Rollinson Smith are friendly and experienced, so when we tell you we’ll take care of it, you can feel confident that we’ll do everything to remain true to our word.

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