Ghost Brokers Hone in on Motorists


Ghost broking – the practice of selling people fake policies – is in the news again. This time round, the targets are most likely to men in their twenties, who are hooked through social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Action Fraud, which is part of the City of London police, has had over 850 reports of ghost broking between 2014 and 2017, with each scam reported to costing the individual on average £769.

And to make matters worse, the person who’s been sold a fake policy that doesn’t actually provide any cover could then face prosecution for driving without an insurance policy.

The perpetrators focus on those who may struggle to get car insurance at an affordable price, chiefly young male drivers, by offering cut-price policies.

But instead of getting cover that allows them to drive on the road legally, they’re ending up with a sham policy that’s worthless and could land them in trouble, as head of the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department detective chief inspector Andy Fyfe explains,

“Ghost brokers trick unsuspecting victims with offers of heavily discounted car insurance, leaving them with a policy that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and open to the severe harm that comes with driving without valid insurance.” he said.

“Being able to drive is vital for a lot people, whether it be to get to work or pick up their children from school or nursery, so if they fall victim to a ghost broker it could not only impact on them financially but also seriously affect their day to day life and make things very difficult.”

By law all legitimate policies come with a “cooling off” period where you can cancel without incurring additional costs. There’s no reason to believe that fake policies will abide by these rules, so be sure to check the policy thoroughly before purchasing.

Avoid falling victim to ghost broking by choosing reputable insurance providers or arranging through an independent insurance broker, and always be wary of cheap policies sold via social media.

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