Google Index Reveals Global DIY Plans

By the looks of it, we’re frequently relying on the world’s most prominent search engine to help us put our houses back together.

In the nine top “How to fix…” searches our priorities were our walls, with our sinks proving to be less of a worry in ninth place.

Take out the top three items on our fix it list – walls, doors and windows – and a regional pattern begins to emerge.

The need to fix a toilet is more prominent in North America and East Asia, while those in hotter countries appear to be more concerned about the functionality, or lack thereof, of their fridges.

And while those in the Soviet Union have no qualms with tackling a broken washing machine using only online instructions as their guide, North and Eastern Europeans are in need of some help fixing a light bulb. There’s a joke in there somewhere…

How to fix it – Top 9 searches

  1. How to fix a wall
  2. How to fix a door
  3. How to fix a window
  4. How to fix a washing machine
  5. How to fix a toilet
  6. How to fix a fridge
  7. How to fix a lightbulb
  8. How to fix an outlet
  9. How to fix a sink

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