Time to Clean up Your Motor Fleet Policy?

No employee wants to drive around the country in a work car with crisp crumbs, yoghurt spills and a smattering of dead bugs on the windscreen. With regular vehicle valeting, they won’t have to, and you’ll have a fleet of pristine company cars waiting for their next journey.

A bit of wax and some shampoo, what could go wrong? A couple of things, unfortunately. The car could be scratched by a brush that’s seen better days, or worse, stolen when the valet’s back is turned.

But aren’t you covered for damage and theft of your business vehicles during a deep clean? Not necessarily. In fact, it’s likely that your motor fleet policy provider would expect this kind of scenario to be covered on the valet’s insurance, specifically under their public liability cover. The trouble is, it may not be covered under this either.

Public liability cover held by a valet will cover things like injury or damage to third party property, except property which is being worked on – namely your business car. This is a pretty crucial exclusion, and in the absence of cover in your own policy, it could leave a noticeable hole in your car’s protection.

So what’s the answer? Do your employees put up with empty sandwich packets and a thin film of dashboard dust all the way from Glasgow to Kent? Of course not. If you’re aware of this gap in cover, you can do something about it. Or rather, we can at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers.

If you have a business motor fleet that you want to keep in tip-top condition, while being covered all the while, our team at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers can help you with that.

We can look at any exclusions in a typical motor trade policy, and either negotiate extra cover with the provider or look into other “bolt on” features that will provide this protection.

Call us on 01952 607600 or email info@rollinsonsmith.co.uk to find out more about your existing cover and talk about where it can be improved.