Does Your Business Need Terrorism Insurance?

Terrorist incidents and civil unrest are not covered on most business policies.  

The insurance industry responds to risk whether these are prevalent or isolated, so that businesses can protect their interests and investments regardless of what comes round.

Unfortunately, recent events have shown terrorist attacks are becoming more frequent, affecting businesses not just directly, such as those located in Borough Market and around London Bridge, but indirectly, as unprecedented road closures can lead to lost business.

The name of this type of cover suggests that it only cover terrorist attacks, but actually the policy wording can be much wider, also covering riots, strikes, civil commotion consequential looting and other forms of political violence.

These issues are more often than not excluded from a business policy so if you own a commercial property that’s impacted by an attack and there are questions raised about the security of the building, you won’t be covered unless you have terrorism cover in place.

Does your business need it?
This year, we’ve seen attacks carried out by individuals, and civil unrest caused by national, non-terrorist related disasters. The attacks are unpredictable and protests can build quickly.

The issue is not as simple as saying “you have a computer, therefore you should have cyber insurance.” It’s complicated, and therefore difficult to predict. While your business location may have a real bearing on your vulnerability, the element of surprise now plays a large part in an attack, and so less-obvious targets such as businesses based outside of major cities shouldn’t be complacent with their protection.

Talk to an independent insurance broker
It’s up to us as a team of insurance experts to determine whether or not we think your business could benefit from this additional cover through a thorough risk assessment. We’re independent so will only look after your interests, and have access to specialist insurers who provide standalone terrorism cover – should we think it necessary to your commercial insurance package. 

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