Online Driving Licence Check – A Quick Way To Remind Yourself Of Any Unspent Points

Just over two years ago, we waved goodbye to the paper counterpart of our UK driving licence, and with it a physical copy of any penalty points, otherwise known as endorsements, against our record.

This reference was useful when applying for car insurance, and for ensuring you know how many points stand between you and a driving ban.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to check this online. Unfortunately, any unspent points will still be there.

Criminal conviction and Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

An FPN is issued for minor offences, and while it isn’t dealt with via the magistrates, it will be recorded on Police National Computer under local information and does need to be declared until it’s spent.

Drink driving is one of the more serious offences that will lead to a criminal conviction, even if the driver just receives a fine.

Anything to declare?

Points can stay on your licence for anywhere between 4 to 11 years, which means if you got a speeding ticket or ran a red light a couple of years ago, you might not know how many points you have against your licence, if you even remember getting them.

Checking your driving licence online takes very little time and needs three bits of information: your licence number, your NI number and the postcode where your licence is registered.

With this information you can fill out any details for your car insurance accurately, so you don’t run the risk of it being invalidated in the future, as keeping an eye on those unspent points.

If you want to check your driving licence there’s no time like the present, but you should certainly do so before purchasing any car insurance. Visit see how your licence is faring.