Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers protects orangutans’ journey back into the wild

When the Orangutan Protection Foundation (OPF) told us of their planned trip to Borneo with Vid4 productions to return five orangutans back into their natural habitat, we were keen to help at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers.

It’s always a privilege to be in a position to help an organisation that dedicates its work and people power to a good cause, and we’ve been working with OPF for some years. When we learned of their planned trip to Indonesia, we were only too happy to support them in their journey and their overall mission by sourcing and paying for their cover.

The team of orangutan warriors were joined by the cast and crew of Vid4 productions, including actor Anna Friel, as the release of Angely, Raymond, Gadis, Kenji and Hope into the Kehje Sewen Forest was filmed for a documentary which will be aired later this year.

Setting off from London’s Heathrow on 24th May, the team arrived in Samboja Lestari on Friday 27th May via Jakarta, on a mission to return the intrepid primates back to their natural habitat after years of rehabilitation.

With the release documents approved by BOS Foundation’s CEO, Dr. Jamartin Sihite, and Head of the East Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), the orangutans were waved off by well-wishers before making the journey to Kehje Sewen Forest, where they walked from their transport cages, and into their new home, much to the joy of the all involved.

The OPF is a charity dedicated to securing the freedom of orangutans displaced by deforestation back into the wild safety of flourishing forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Donations made by members of the public and businesses supports orangutan sanctuaries and habitats which are vital in ensuring their safe transition back into the wild, where the primate’s role is essential not only in safeguarding their own species, but in the preservation of their natural habitat.

You can find out more about the OPF and how to donate by visiting their website, and find out about Vid4’s journey into the wild here.

The team at Rollinson Smith Insurance Brokers applaud all involved in the expedition, and wish Angely, Raymond, Gadis, Kenji and Hope a safe and happy life in their new home.